Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OMD Showhouse

About a month ago Jordan Cappella and I combined our talents and re-decorated Jennifer Siegal's OMD Showhouse located on Abbot Kinney. Jennifer Siegal is an award winning architect located in Venice Beach. She has been published in almost every shelter publication and her prefab homes can be seen all over Venice and Santa Monica.
In the OMD Showhouse Jordan and I wanted to create a space that had a little edge to it - punk rock and glam. We wanted the space that was little different then the "usual" modern decor.
Jordan designed a custom bar made out of bronze Lucite with his signature tray top and made a coffee table by encasing a Goyer looking trunk (that I found on Ebay) in Lucite. The sofa was upholstered in patten looking vinyl and all of the artwork is by Dallas Shaw. The space is (right now) is open by appointment only. More pics can be seen here. Enjoy!


patriciagrayinc.com said...

Great work Vanessa and Jordan!

becky said...

That is so gorgeous! Is that cork or grasscloth on the wall? Or something else?

Hope you don't mind, I'm linking over to this tomorrow in Hatch.


tim said...

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